Centre for Mental Health annual review

The Centre for Mental Health has published its annual review for 2012. It reviews work carried out throughout the year and sets out the organisation’s plans for the future. It also describes how people can get involved in their work.



Centre for Mental Health welcomes Care Quality Commission survey

Centre for Mental Health welcomes Care Quality Commission survey but urges mental health services to do more to help people with mental health problems secure employment.

“Mental health services must do more to ensure that people with mental health problems find and keep work.” said Centre for Mental Health Chief Executive Sean Duggan today, commenting on the results of the 2011 survey of people who use community mental health services published by the Care Quality Commission.



Mental health and employment/criminal justice

The Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health (SCMH) has published ‘Mental health: challenges for the new Parliament’. This briefing outlines what SCMH believe are the priorities, challenges and opportunities that face the new Parliament in relation to mental health in the areas of employment and criminal justice.


Mental health problems at work: successful interventions

The Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health has published ‘Common mental health problems at work: what we now know about successful interventions. A progress review’. This report examines recent international research evidence on how to help people with depression and anxiety to stay in work or to return after a period of ill health. It confirms that people with common mental health problems do not have to be completely well to return to work. For many, going back to work actually helps their recovery.


Mental health: implementing recovery

The Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health has published ‘Implementing recovery: a methodology for organisational change’. This policy paper presents a practical methodology to help mental health services and their local partners become more recovery-oriented in their organisation and practices, and thereby to support these processes more effectively.

Read the policy here: http://www.scmh.org.uk/pdfs/Implementing_recovery_methodology.pdf

Mental health and criminal justice

Rethink and the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health have published ‘The diversion dividend: interim report’. This report suggests that diverting offenders to community support rather than prisons would save money in the justice system and reduce re-offending rates.

View the report here: http://www.scmh.org.uk/pdfs/Diversion_Dividend.pdf

Sainsbury March 2010 ebulletin

The latest issue of the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health eBulletin in now available. Contents include: